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Data drives powerful results.

Our Analytics and engagement intelligence drive our ongoing mobile strategy to trigger and impact results. Enspire Analytics Engine provides real time employee behavior insights and engagement intelligence. Gain insights into employee needs by season to advance app content and target messaging campaigns.


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The Best Thing I've Seen for Benefits!

I've been doing benefits for over 20 years and I've never used a better source than Enspire. We love the app - remember back in the old days how many calls we would get? One of the best things I've seen for benefits.

Ann Marie Mayhew Senior HR Analyst, NexTier

A Beautiful App Where We Can Connect!

A beautiful app where we can connect and show the employees all benefits, communications, leave of absence items.

Nina F. Total Rewards Analyst, Engie

Giving Us the Ability to Reach Out to Our Employees

You give us the ability to reach out to our employees to relay time sensitive information as soon as we need to.

Dupré Logistics Employee

Highly Recommend Enspire to Any Organization!

Enspire promotes itself as being the leading digital workforce platform for employee engagement. As a client and end-user, they have consistently delivered on this promise. More importantly, Enspire has taken the extra effort to build a true partnership to ensure our organization is always effectively engaging, connecting, and communicating with our workforce as efficiently as possible.


Adam Worley Apergy Director of HSE

The App is such a Great Experience!

I made all of my open enrollment decisions by looking thru the app. Usually technology within the district is a challenge but the app is such a great experience. Very user friendly, fast and well organized!

AISD Employee

Capitalize On This!

Our workforce uses their mobile devices so it makes sense to capitalize on this communication platform. It truly gives them access to most of what they need from a work perspective at their fingertips.


Cyndy Stone Corporate Director of Communication

Our jaws are on the floor!

Our jaws are on the floor! This is incredible - we are so excited!


Heather McCullough Talent Acquisition Partner

A powerful tool to help employees!

Our mobile app allows information to be condensed into usable convenient format in the employees pocket. With a few clicks they can call, email, login, or access any benefit they have as an employee of Austin ISD. Our app is a powerful tool to help employees gain benefits access, easily engage, and streamline tasks. It is a rolodex, a wallet, and a computer all in one!

Lynn Brennan Austin ISD Director of Benefits, Leave & Workers’ Comp

A Digital Hub Solving Real Problems!

Technology with impact is part of Apergy's cultural foundation. Our Apergy App built in the Enspire Platform integrates all of the information our employees, spouses and partners need for benefits, safety and leadership updates. Within the app we structure our benefits experience to be a digital hub that advances beyond information to solving real problems.


Luke Prettol Apergy Health & Wellbeing Benefits Manager

I am very impressed!

I am very impressed with this experience - with overall navigation, how employees will have better access, with how the content is laid out. I am very impressed!



It's All Together!

I really like this form of communication! It's personal. It's not so overwhelming as, for example, a 5 page document that someone may not even read. It's integrated with other PatientCare applications; it's all together.


Kathy Welch Consultant for PatientCare

This Is A Big Win!

We presented to executive teams today and there was unanimous excitement about the app from our executive team - this is a big win!

Clarivate Leader

One App, One Source!

One app, one source, one place for people to go to, this app will give us that solution.

Kim Wray HR Director, ISS

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