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Here what our clients are saying

Improves how our employees engage!

The LCS Live Well mobile app is improving how our employees engage with our benefit programs. The implementation process was easy for our team and Enspire was very responsive and helpful throughout the process. We are already receiving great feedback and are thankful we can provide this innovative tool for our employees!

Teresa Niner Director of Benefits, LCS

Our app is a vital tool!

The Renown Life app is a vital tool for all things related to an employee’s work life and has become a key component in enabling employees to live their fullest and most healthy lives.

Employee Renown Health

Staying connected is now easier!

Sharing important company updates, benefits information, and staying connected is now easier than ever with the SigEE app! We saw a 40% reduction in turnover due to higher employee engagement with the app along with greater employee satisfaction and utilization of benefits.

Nick Porter Former Vice President of Human Resources, Signature Healthcare

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