The ROI of Engaging Employees with a Custom Employee App Powered by Enspire

Engage Employees or Pay the (Turnover) Price

The world of work has changed forever, and so too have your employee expectations. A Gallup meta-analysis of thousands of business units and millions of employees reports a significant relationship between engagement and organizational outcomes.

Enspire Helps Solve Retention

Enspire can help you proactively address your retention needs by delivering a communication platform designed to meet your employees where they are in the moments that matter. With Enspire, you can directly engage employees in your company’s purpose, culture and programs.

Build Connection and Reap the Reward

Gallup measures the difference in organizational outcomes between the top quartile of engaged employees to realize:


Achieve Retention Results
Like These Enspire Customers

The turnover rate is less than half when an employee is logged into the Renown App.


An employee is 375% more likely to stay with Signature when they are in the SigEE App

Build Your Brand

With your custom-branded employee app powered by Enspire, you can engage with each member of your team leveraging the mobile technology they already carry around in their pocket.  Creating the app in your brand makes it easy to download and intuitive to remember.

Your Entire Employee Value Proposition…

The platform can accommodate everything across your entire employee value proposition.  Give employees one place to access everything, from benefits and payroll, to culture and purpose.

…Across Every Moment that Matters

Since the app is your brand in the public app store, it enables you to engage people throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Candidates can download your app to learn about your company and culture. Employees have access to all their programs to help them navigate work and life. You can transition those in the twilight of their career into retirement gracefully.

Achieve ROI Faster and Cheaper

Your employee app powered by Enspire is designed and personalized specifically for employee engagement and communication, regardless of your underlying HRIS, HCM, scheduling/payroll, and open enrollment platforms. The beauty of Enspire is it brings all these underlying systems together under your brand for a superior employee experience.


Gallup has proven the correlation between engagement and retention. Companies leverage their team apps through Enspire to engage employees, and those employees stay with their companies at much higher rates.