Boost the impact of your HRIS System with Enspire

How do you make the most out of your HRIS investment?

You’ve centralized HR activities into one program.

You’ve cultivated a fantastic culture.

You’re offering world-class employee benefits.

Now, bring it all to life by putting it into the hands of EVERY employee, regardless of role, location, or tenure. Your custom, company-branded employee communication app, powered by Enspire, enables you to meet employees in the moments that matter, bringing your entire employee value proposition to life, addressing their unique needs, and keeping them engaged, informed, and connected throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

Why does your HRIS System need a boost?

With an HRIS System, you’re able to capture data to support the HR experience, centralizing employees access to payroll, benefits, attendance, and even performance management. But stand alone, an HRIS System isn’t enough. It can’t enhance the employee experience and deliver your company culture because it can’t bring together all of the systems employees need in one app, including integrations to your LMS, safety training, recruiting & onboarding, voluntary benefits, any custom-developed platforms, and so much more. But an employee communication app from Enspire can do it all, and you need both.

How does Enspire increase the power of your HRIS System?

Enspire brings three key capabilities that enhance the functionality delivered via your HRIS System:

Data-driven employee engagement and retention: Based on app interactions, Enspire can pin

One app for all employee needs with your company branding: Instead of multiple vendor-branded apps, one for each of the different software systems that make up the employee experience (health, financial, voluntary benefits, productivity, safety, compliance, new hire training, etc.), Enspire conveniently consolidates the information employees need in a single app branded with your company logo and colors, increasing employee utilization through the convenience of mobile.

Targeted communication with specific employee groups: Do you have a segment of employees with different benefits who came in through an acquisition? Are there employees who need role-based safety or security training? Or maybe there is a group of employees who are on parental leave? Instead of creating a bunch of email distribution lists, Enspire helps you communicate with specific populations of employees via push notifications, personalizing messaging to improve employee satisfaction.

How do you make the business case to “get Enspire(d)?”

Enspire has a proven track record for increasing engagement and lowering turnover rates below industry norms, even in challenging industries like healthcare and retail.

Enspire is a full turnkey system - that means your employee app is delivered fully configured, branded, populated with your integrations, and ready-to-use. No additional HR or IT headcount is required. The Enspire team serves up everything from design work to recommended notifications.

Enspire maximizes your HRIS investment by putting access to information into the palm of every employee and their spouses, ultimately reducing call volume and the number of inquiries for HR teams, especially during high-activity seasons like open enrollment and end of year.

Enspire is dramatically lower in implementation effort and cost than your HIRS System, with expenses often covered by healthcare brokers due to the increased benefits utilization.