Employee Spotlight: Mark!

Making Concepts Come to Life, Enspire Highlights Mark Johnson!

What are you most proud of in your work with Enspire?

Effective graphic design helps to create a positive first impression and I’m proud of the work I do developing presentations, proposals and marketing collateral for prospects and clients.  It involves researching each company, becoming familiar with their branding, and bringing their culture to life. I enjoy the challenge of visually demonstrating how a client’s custom experience will be within their Enspire app!

I’m also proud to work with such a talented, knowledgeable, and professional team.  The people at Enspire really partner together to serve our clients and I love being part of each project we do!

Where do you see Enspire solving client needs?

The Enspire platform provides a much-needed solution to clients across every industry by securely connecting organizations with each of their employees. The app gives staff fast and easy access to a variety of resources, including company news, training, benefits, payroll, safety, and much more … all in one place. With Enspire’s customized app, employees are better informed, feel more valued, and are empowered to help the company grow and change.  And employers can be confident that they are delivering the ideal employee experience for their team members.

What results do you see from clients using our app?

As part of the work I do as a graphic designer, I am responsible for creating and publishing our client case studies, so I get to see results firsthand:

  • We have seen incredible employee retention statistics from our clients. With improved employee communication delivered through the app, employees are retained at a much higher percentage than before our clients incorporated our app.
  • With real time analytics, employers can gain important insights into staff needs. And as app download rates increase, turnover rates decrease, and employees are more engaged and informed.
  • With targeted messaging and easy access to important company resources, HR saves time and money.

It feels great to be a part of a company having such a positive impact in the workforce.

What do you see in the future for Enspire?

AI and technology are expanding at a rapid pace and they are changing the way employers interact with employees.  Enspire continues to evolve and grow the employee use cases being addressed in the app, like using it as part of a tech-forward recruiting process where candidates apply via the company app.  We are solving real communication issues.  I’m excited to see the growth and look forward to the solutions that will reach new clients.