SigEE with Enspire helps in employee retention for Healthcare Stakeholders

Enspire is excited to join Signature HealthCARE and Premier Workforce Solutions in celebrating the success of the SigEE App!

The SigEE App has been an essential resource to stakeholders throughout the entire SigNation footprint. Signature HealthCARE’s stakeholders access the app daily regardless of their work schedule which is proven by the 10 million+ interactions received since the app’s launch in 2021. The app continues to reach 8,500 stakeholders communicating critical personalized information. In 2023, Enspire is working with the Signature HR leadership team to drastically increase those interactions by advancing the stakeholder engagement platform and implementing additional recruiting tools within the SigEE app.

Improving targeted communication is changing the lives of the stakeholders at Signature HealthCARE. With the SigEE app, Signature HealthCARE saw a 36% employee retention rate for app users compared to a 16% retention rate for non-app users. Stakeholders now have immediate access to their pay, detailed benefit information including direct access to their telemedicine provider, scheduling platform, personalized training programs and so much more!  Emails are a way of the past. The SigEE App replaces those company emails with customized notifications that allows Signature’s stakeholders to constantly stay informed and connected to other departments all in the palm of their hand!

Signature HealthCARE understood the real win for them was connecting their culture to every Signature stakeholder. From the start, Signature worked diligently to weave their culture into the SigEE app and unite disparate employees together into one Signature family. The CEO now has a direct connection to stakeholders at a facility level by live stream and monthly Big Win announcements!

The SigEE app is the HUB for Signature HealthCARE’s communication which eliminates delayed responses and gives needed time back in their stakeholders’ day to devote to the care of the residents while offering more resources leading to improved work-life balance.

It has been a privilege to work with Signature HealthCARE and watch the SigNation unite using the Enspire Platform. Check out the case study below for more information on the SigEE App and how it is being utilized in everyday life.

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