Invest in Employees Who invest in Your City

Employees who live and work in your city are deeply invested in your city’s day-to-day experiences. By engaging your workforce with an employee app, you are reinvesting in people who continually invest in you.

Reconnect with employees for a better experience with your City.

Your employee app reconnects your employee experience with your city brand and culture for impressive results in employee retention, engagement, and productivity. With app experiences that are unique to your city, employees are be able to stay connected, access local resources, and find a unique work and life connection. Your app reconnects the heart of why your employees live and work in your city — your app is your own city brand. Your own way to solve the needs of those who work to make your city amazing.

Reconnect benefits to empower the people of your city.

With Enspire’s technology and digital strategy teams, you can provide essential app experiences for employee retention. With Enspire, you will have both the support of a team and advanced technology to identify key areas of engagement for your employees and simplify all communication.

Employees can use the app for everything from health benefits and financial resources to retirement programs and wellness. Enspire creates one digital hub for all the necessary resources to make employees successful and we give you the teams to help you maintain it. There is no extra work for you.

With easy access to provided programs and initiatives, employees can create a community that is unique to them and unique to the city.

Along with these programs, there are many exciting and unique possible app features that will help your employees navigate all of life’s moments. Some include:

  • Wellness initiatives that involve your city walking trails, sites and more
  • Integrating all programs into ONE app
  • Emotional support
  • Recruiting and onboarding app experiences
  • Surveys
  • Personalized app content
  • Targeted message campaigns
  • Better access to health resources
  • Digital ID cards
  • Cultural connection with local events

Your app is available 24/7 so employees are able to access what they need, when they need it. By creating accessible and convenient resources, you are helping your employees save both time and money. Enspire teams will work diligently to ensure that your employee app is as impactful as possible. By reinvesting in your employees, you are a promising a better experience for every city employee and resident — and Enspire wants to help you keep this promise.

About Enspire

Enspire integrates everything employees need into one app as the digital hub to reconnect employees with your brand. Enspire provides a code-free platform, team of Digital Strategy experts and its Enspire Analytics Engine for Engagement Intelligence proven to advance employee engagement and productivity.