Penske Celebrates Successful Open Enrollment with PAG 360 App

Penske Celebrates Successful Open Enrollment with PAG 360 App Powered by Enspire

Penske is a transportation services company that provides an industry services in retail automotive, truck leasing, transportation logistics and professional motorsports. Headquartered in Pennsylvania, Penske operates 12 different businesses in 3,200 different locations which are managed by 67,000 employees with a total annual revenue of $37 billion.

Solving Employee Needs

The Enspire and Penske partnership began in 2021 in order to solve employee needs and give Penske teams better access to benefits, improve employee communication across multiple divisions, and advance the strategic vision for Penske’s employee retention initiatives. The Enspire Platform powers the customized Penske PAG 360 app.
“This one app integrates everything employees need into ONE digital hub so Team Members can access resources anytime, anywhere. ” – Bud Denker, President Penske Corporation

Charles Sidner, SVP Penske Corporate Benefits, drove a strong strategic vision for app experiences that provide a wholistic approach to wellness with resources for My Self, My Health and My Wealth, offering Team Members with everything they need to solve their work and life needs. “”

Executive level support from Bud Denker, President of Penske Corporation emphasized this commitment for “all Team Members to receive the same world-class service we provide to our customers. We are excited to launch our PAG 360 App for all PAG, PTG and Carshop employees.”

The results are impressive as Team Members use the app every day with 8,970+ app downloads and over 1,900,000+ app engagements.

App Downloads
App Interactions

Benefits Enrollment Success

The open enrollment process continues to challenge companies year after year. There is a need for clear and concise communication with every employee.

Enspire solves this need and successfully drove over 30,800 + unique engagements for Benefits Enrollment.

Target messages by location, job type and benefit eligibility were key to engagement success. Enrollment app experiences organized content so Team Members easily access and return to:

  • Leadership videos
  • Enrollment Actions
  • Surveys
  • Documents and Presentations
  • Benefit Guides
  • Eligibility Details
  • Key talking points for Team Members
  • Key deadlines
  • and more…

Rose Williams, Senior Digital Strategist at Enspire, emphasizes the importance of employee communication during open enrollment: “In Penske’s fast paced culture, giving better access to benefits is a high priority. We were able to communicate their updates with organized and personalized campaigns. Enhancing their Penske Perfect with the Best Team Member experience possible.”

Beyond benefits enrollment, Enspire’s digital strategy teams are dedicated all year long to work alongside Penske and create app content, campaigns and provide real time insights for engagement results.

Cheers to Charles Sidner, Mark MacGregor, Bud Denker, Robert Petcove, Kevin Coyne, Nicholas Bauer, Rose and the Enspire teams for all of their hard work and commitment to the PAG 360 app and an amazing Enspire partnership!

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