Dupré Drives Success with Enspire at 1.5+ Million Interactions

About Dupré

Dupré is a transportation and logistics company that employs over 1,000 professional drivers and operates 700 trucks in 48 states and parts of Canada and Mexico. They provide transportation and logistics services including chemical transport, dedicated truck transportation and freight brokerage. Dupré partnered with Enspire to provide the Dupré Connect App for all employees.

Solving Driver Needs

With over 1,200 employees, Dupré needed a way to help employees access necessary resources quickly. Tasks such as reaching a doctor, knowing how to enroll in benefits, or receiving company updates are challenging especially for drivers that are constantly on the road.

The transportation industry faces unique communication challenges. “Drivers are driving and may not have access to a lot of tools or resources. It is important to reach Drivers who are out on the road and who may not get back to an office daily,” confirms Drew Edwards, Dupré Manager of Transformation.

These challenges can result in drivers feeling disconnected from their company brand and culture, which can lead to reduced productivity and increased risk for employee turnover.

With Enspire, Dupré was able to overcome communication obstacles and create a company culture and brand that is accessible to every employee — no matter where they are.

Enspire Solves Driver Needs




Driver Checklist


Enspire allows for easy communication to all drivers throughout the day and across the country. It makes information accessible to any driver, anytime, anywhere.

Drew Edwards, Dupré Manager of Transformation

Different roles have different needs and by partnering with Enspire, Dupré was able to build an app to communicate with every employee and offer the right information at the right time.

App Downloads Prove Success for Drivers, Non-Drivers and Maintenance Employees

Maintenance Employees

Drew confirms “Our app is so much easier to build than I ever thought it would be and our Enspire Platform is unlimited.”

Recruiting Success

Recruiting and employee retention are a priority in this industry. Enspire powers a critical solution to solve recruiting needs and expedite the new hire onboarding process.  By integrating with Dupré’s internal programs such as employee referral bonuses, integrating with all HRIS platforms and offering personalized app content – Enspire simplifies how employers engage different groups of employees while driving high impact.

Eric Thompson, Fuel Driver at Dupré, confirms, “Over the years I have made $20,000 off of referrals.” By adding app experiences that improve access to refer a friend, employees are able to create their own success and assist Dupré in hiring reliable employees. Everyone wins!

Impressive Results

Dupré experienced impressive results with Enspire through the Dupré Connect app. Drivers have over 1.5+ million app interactions with employees using the app every day of the week.

Drivers Use the App Everyday

Top priorities are exceeding employee engagement goals…

Enspire Target push campaigns drive action…

Employee communication is critical to employee retention. Target messages from the Enspire Platform help Dupré send relevant alerts by job type, location and benefit elections.  Beyond providing this feature, Enspire provides over 9,000 app experiences with 4,000 target push campaigns to actively engage employees. “Our Enspire Analytics Engine identifies employee behavior trends and questions of the past to help you get ahead of employee needs for the future,” says Amanda Wiles, Enspire CEO.

Engaging employees by location has never been easier as the Enspire Platform provides the solution for target messages, surveys and automated assignments.

Your brand is the most powerful platform to stay connected with your employees,” confirms Enspire CEO, Amanda Wiles.

“Our Enspire team also congratulates Jayme Miller, David Holewyne, and Erin Sonnier for their incredible engagement success in this season. There is a shortage in truck drivers available and Dupré is giving it their all to retain good talent. Jayme & David’s recent truck driver campaign resulted in over 1,400,000+ interactions in just a few weeks! This Dupré team understands the full power of their Enspire Platform!” shares Elier Rodriguez, Enspire Digital Strategy Director.

Enspire provides more than the tech, we also provide the team and templates to drive results:

App interactions
Target push campaigns

The Dupré Connect app also solved employee needs related to:

  • Driver Checklists
  • Training
  • Benefits Enrollment
  • Benefit Access
  • Communication

The app powers driver and maintenance resources for employees such as:

  • Driver dispatch, handbook, and uniforms
  • Preferred fuel vendors
  • Open positions
  • Insurance auto ID card
  • Maintenance handbook
  • Report an Accident or Injury

All resources within the Dupré Connect app help create a connected and productive work environment that not only helps employees — it prioritizes them.

With Enspire, Dupré overcame communication obstacles and created an employee app with all necessary resources in one digital hub reaching all employees, everywhere.

Congratulations to the whole Dupré team for your amazing success with the Dupré Connect app!