Employee Spotlight, Kristi!

What are you most proud of in your work with Enspire?

What I’m most proud of in my work with Enspire is the relationships I have built with my clients. I work really hard from the moment I meet each client team to build not only a great professional relationship, but also a relationship on a personal level too. Although I’m not on-site with them directly, my hope is that the clients I work with feel like we are one team and that they can bring their thoughts and ideas to me without hesitation.

Our Enspire team is here to save you time and help you connect with your employees at scale.

Where do you see Enspire solving client needs?

Even before COVID, one of the biggest challenges I saw employers face was the ability to genuinely connect with their employees to get important information to them. Employees are so accustomed to being bombarded with emails, texts and news on a 24/7 schedule that many times they filter out things that are important too. By offering our clients their own Employee App we serve to reconnect with a communication platform that allows employees to have access to the information they need, when they need it. This communication feels more genuine from the employer and helps employees understand why their experience with the employer matters. This is core in how Enspire improves employee retention.

Let me share a few success stories of our clients solving employee retention and communication with Enspire:

+ Renown Hospital has now achieved 1 million+ app interactions with Enspire with a core focus to enable employees to live their fullest and most healthy life:

Driving an impressive 1 million + app interactions. Within the Renown Life app, Renown Health provides employees with essential resources for their occupational, physical, and emotional wellbeing. “The Renown Life app is a vital tool for all things related to an employee’s work life and has become a key component in enabling employees to live their fullest and most healthy lives. Since its launch, the Renown Life app continues to grow as a personalized tool for employees to access pertinent information related to their role, including information about their employee benefits and perks, events at the organization and even enabling recognition amongst colleagues. With the Renown Life app, our employees can access the things that are important to them when needed, making their lives easier and impacting their view of work well-being.

With over 1 million interactions, Renown Health employees are reaching for their resources in the app EVERY day of the week.

+ Austin ISD achieves 1.4M app interactions by giving staff better access to benefits and wellness:

Achieving over 1.4M+ app interactions, 237 app experiences and vendor integrations, and reaching over 213 campus locations, Enspire powers the AISD Benefits App to give better access to benefits and wellness initiatives for over 10,100+ teachers, bus drivers, administrators and staff. “Working at a large employer in a large city in an even larger world, the messaging about employee benefits becomes white noise. Our mobile app allows information to be condensed into a usable, convenient format in the employee’s pockets. With a few clicks they can call, email, login, or access any benefit they have as an employee of Austin ISD. Our app is a powerful tool to help employees gain benefits access, easily engage, and streamline tasks. It is a rolodex, a wallet, and a computer all in one!” Lynn Brennan, Executive Director of Human Resources

What is one of your favorite App build stories?

Activating a 24/7 resource that drove immediate results… One of the most exciting things I have seen with our app is the connections that are formed between our clients and their employees. One of my clients has many divisions spread out all over the US, and they are a 24 hour operation. One of the division leaders came to me with an idea to really spruce up the app with content that her division needs to have access to all the time – even in the middle of the night when the Admin offices are closed. We spent several months working together on her vision for the content she needed to get out to her employees. As a result, within less than one week they have seen their download rates jump 10%. For this client, that is a significant accomplishment. We are able to provide our client’s employees a way to communicate with their employees on a truly 24/7 basis.


What do you see for the future with Enspire?

Growth and potential. The great thing about working for Enspire is that we are a really great mix of talents – we have creatives, numbers people, tech thinkers and we all work well together. We collaborate and truly care about solutions that will allow our clients to not only connect with their workforce, but also save them time and money. I truly believe the sky is the limit as far as Enspire is concerned.


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