Stormont Vail Health Partners with Enspire for SVH Team App

Stormont Vail Health is an integrated health care system serving eastern Kansas. With more than 250 employed physicians and 38 locations, Stormont Vail team members work together to improve the health of the communities they serve. By creating a health care system that is compassionate and attentive, Stormont Vail prioritizes patients and their needs while emphasizing community, growth, and safety. With the new team app, Stormont Vail shows their team members they also deserve the best possible care.


Introducing the SVH Team App powered by Enspire

Stormont Vail partners with Enspire to power the new SVH Team App. This app offers team members enhanced access to everything they’ll need – recruitment, new hire, career growth and retirement/leave – the SVH Team App offers one digital hub for it all.


With Enspire, Stormont Vail Health is able to integrate everything their team members need into one digital platform: benefits, payroll, contacts, safety and more.

I love how Enspire integrates our benefits in the app in a way that feels like Stormont Vail!

Partnering alongside Gallagher Communications, Enspire and Stormont Vail work to connect team members to Stormont Vail Health’s culture and values. Enspire powers the SVH Team App to quickly deploy content, offer target notifications and provide personalized information. Quick access to information about benefits, contacts, and employee programs leads to team member engagement.


Engagement Strategy: Better Access and Inspiring Experiences

By integrating benefits into overall workforce solutions under their own brand, Stormont Vail drives engagement to a new level. The app not only saves time for team members seeking information, but the Human Resources team has a streamlined method to distribute alerts. Access to Enspire Analytics Engine provides real time insights that help Stormont Vail anticipate and stay ahead of their team members’ needs, creating a work environment where everyone can feel appreciated and valued.

Congratulations to the Stormont Vail Health team on a successful and exciting Enspire experience!


About Enspire:

Enspire integrates everything team members need into one app as the digital hub to reconnect employees with your brand. Enspire provides a code-free platform, team of Digital Strategy experts and its Enspire Analytics Engine for Engagement Intelligence proven to advance employee engagement and productivity.



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