Renown Health Achieves 800,000+ App Interactions with Enspire

Enspire celebrates Renown Health for exceeding 800,000+ app interactions in the Renown Life employee app — an app that prioritizes the Renown employee experience.


Renown Health is a national healthcare system making a genuine difference in the health and well-being of the people and communities they serve. With over 7,000 employees Renown Health is committed to quality care for its patients, community and employees.

Caring about the Company Means Caring about Employees

Successful employees translate to successful care for patients and the community. Prioritizing employee wellness empowers employees in their work and demonstrates Renown’s commitment for employees to feel valued and appreciated.


Within the Renown Life app, Renown Health provides employees with essential resources for their occupational, physical, and emotional wellbeing. With over 800,000 interactions, Renown Health employees are reaching for those resources in the app EVERY day of the week.


Additionally, Renown Health partners with Enspire to create specific solutions to employees’ needs. In particular, employees were experiencing difficulty when filing for workers compensation, and therefore, were not able to receive the assistance they needed. Renown Health and Enspire are solving this need by creating a workers compensation resource app page that is accessible, navigable, and easy to use. This will give employees the space to focus on recovery without financial or insurance worries.


The Renown Team believes many hospitals and healthcare systems would benefit from resource pages like this. “Employees have diverse needs that extend beyond their daily work commitments. At Renown, we believe that employee well-being is the complete integration of physical, emotional, financial and occupational wellness components that continually influence and balance a person’s overall wellness.”

Within the Renown Life app, there are also many pages that include information on topics such as Leave of Absence and ADA accommodations. All of these resources create a work environment where employees know they have everything they need to remain successful and motivated.

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Prioritize Employee Engagement

Enspire and Renown Health also know recognition is vital to prioritizing employee engagement. Some programs Renown Health utilizes to recognize employee contributions include:

  • Top Talent
  • Women of Achievement
  • Employee Shoutouts
  • Summer Award Celebrations for Employees

Additionally, Enspire and Renown Health have created an internal and external “Careers” page on the Renown Life app that keeps employees updated on all job opportunities. This not only encourages upward movement within the company, but also makes it accessible and attainable. With training programs built into the Renown Life app, employees are given the materials and resources needed to be successful in their position.


In order to encourage employee success and occupational wellbeing, Renown Health has also set up an Employee Forum where employees are able to talk about their needs and wishes for the workplace. This program affirms employee concerns and curates a space where everyone can be heard. It allows the company and its employees to grow together in order to ensure a healthy and dependable work environment.

Our deskless workforce now receives crucial information and communications related to their well-being and occupational health, meeting them where they are at any given moment.

Solve the Need

Together, Enspire and Renown Health have created an employee app that solves all employee needs. It works to increase the occupational, physical, and emotional wellbeing of all employees, demonstrating that Renown Health cares for its employees as much as it cares for its patients.

All Employee Experiences in ONE App

What employee resource are you most proud of?

Renown Health offers many fantastic employee resources and benefits. Still, the robust employee app, Renown Life, is a critical employee resource that enables our resources and tools to be available at an employee’s fingertips. The Renown Life app gives employees access to relevant, targeted and up-to-date information and resources from the convenience of an app on their mobile phone. In addition, the Renown Life app enables our deskless workforce to receive crucial information and communications related to their well-being and occupational health, meeting them where they are at any given moment.


How do you think the Renown Life app has impacted employee occupational well-being?

The Renown Life app is a vital tool for all things related to an employee’s work life and has become a key component in enabling employees to live their fullest and most healthy lives. Since its launch, the Renown Life app continues to grow as a personalized tool for employees to access pertinent information related to their role, including information about their employee benefits and perks, events at the organization and even enabling recognition amongst colleagues. With the Renown Life app, our employees can access the things that are important to them when needed, making their lives easier and impacting their view of work well-being.

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