Enspire Employee Apps Drive Enrollment Success

During Open Enrollment, Enspire apps prove to solve critical needs for employees and reduce stress and call volume for HR and Total Rewards teams.


Reduce your Enrollment Stress with Enspire

Do you expect to receive thousands of employee questions during Open Enrollment? Enspire can solve this problem for you.

Enspire apps prove to save HR thousands of calls during Open Enrollment season. We focus on the problems you expect to face during open enrollment and then build app content that directly answers the majority of employee questions such as:

  • “What is changing?”
  • “When do I enroll?”
  • “How do I enroll?”
  • “Where do I get started?”
  • “How do I login?”
  • “What are our benefits?”
  • “How will this affect my family?”
  • “What if I have a new baby?”

There are so many questions your employees have during this season as they strive to understand benefits and make the best choices for them and their family. “Enspire apps help you bridge the gap between what you need to communicate and what employees need to know” says Amanda Wiles, Enspire CEO.


Enspire teams are here to help you:

Do you remember how much time you spent trying to figure out how to communicate enrollment? Let Enspire do this work for you! We provide a team to do the heavy lifting and the technology to automate campaigns that are proven to drive results and make your life easier.

With Enspire, we know what it takes to drive successful communication during Open Enrollment and we are here to help you reach your goals” – affirms Stacy McCallie, Enspire Digital Strategy Manager.



Our clients are amazed at how much time Enspire can save and how much work we are willing to do to help you along the way. Check out a recent interview with Ben Bartoszek, HRIS Manager for Signature HealthCARE, as he shares his experience with Enspire.

Enspire Drives Enrollment Success

Enspire Apps are driving impressive results and helping HR and Total Rewards achieve enrollment goals. “When you identify the benefits that did not reach your utilization goals in the past, Enspire can actively engage employees during open enrollment to achieve utilization goals for the future.” confirms Amanda.

Enspire open enrollment app content and target push campaigns proved to reduce the number of calls to HR by thousands of calls each year, increased employee attendance for pre-enrollment information sessions by more than 50%, drove a 10x increase in life insurance enrollment with significant increases for Voluntary Benefits enrollment across the board and resulted in positive feedback from employees.

Check out a recent case study where Enspire drove an 80% increase in utilization for a Surgery COE which resulted in $2million in medical plan savings.


And the best part is….

Beyond Open Enrollment, your employee app with Enspire continues to engage employees all year long. Your employee app provides personalized content that gives employees better access to the benefits they enrolled in for the new plan year. “Open Enrollment is just the beginning of how we engage employees to use benefits all year long.” confirms Stephanie Sorensen, Enspire COO.

Grow with Enspire!

You are unlimited with Enspire and can continue to add content to your app for a positive employee experience. Enspire understands that integrating everything employees need into ONE place will drive higher utilization for your benefit programs. With Enspire you have the option to increase benefits utilization by adding other workforce solutions to your app including Safety, New Hire processes, CEO messaging, Corporate Communications, Training and more.

Are you ready for your Enrollment to Enspire?

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