Employee Spotlight, Steph!

As a Co-founder we love your leadership, what do you love about Enspire?

I love seeing our Enspire team become part of each client’s team, whether we morph into their HR, benefits, safety, communication, marketing teams or all of the above. Our client’s concerns and needs become ours, and our team works to help solve the need. When a client hits a milestone or accomplishes a goal through the use of their employee app, our team is celebrating by their side. And then behind the scenes, our UX Designers bring the app to life – an amazing collaboration of creativity and talented work.


What client needs do you see Enspire solve?

No matter the size of the company, all clients have an enormous amount of content that needs to be communicated and shared with employees. How do you get their attention? How to you reach them, help them, guide them to find answers and resources? Our app literally puts everything in one spot, letting the employer connect with their employees where we all spend so much time – our phones. The best part is that the employee sees content relevant to their work and life as all resources they receive in the app are personalized with a clear path to an answer.


What exciting results do you see with our app?

Our apps are saving clients time and money! Enspire is proving exciting results across all industries including:

+ Positive Employee Retention

+ Saving HR Time

+ Exceptional App Download Rates

+ 6x Increase in Mental Wellness engagement

+ And more…

Employee Retention

Saving HR Time

By integrating all employee programs into one platform, we are saving HR thousands of calls each month and saving employee time.

Exceptional App Download Rates

By integrating employee benefits into workforce solutions, Enspire has proven 10x higher app download rates across all industries.

Mental Wellness 6x increase in engagement

There is a growing emphasis on mental wellbeing. Employers offer unique benefits for various mental wellness initiatives from health coaching to financial advisors, from family stress councilors to meditation videos. Enspire’s platform makes it easy for employers to integrate all mental wellness initiatives into one app resource for employees to easily navigate available options. Target push campaigns are customized by type of work, season and location. The user journey feels personalized with images in home screen and target messages relevant to their type of work.  The results are impressive as Enspire drives 6x increase in call volume to EAP vendors and has more than doubled some EAP vendor’s call volume for entire books of business by industry. Mental Wellness initiatives continue to grow in momentum within Enspire powered app engagement.