City introduces Employee App success with Enspire

The City pledges to create and maintain a beautiful city full of diversity, culture, and opportunity. The City delivers on this promise by first prioritizing employee communication and introducing their Employee App powered by Enspire. Enspire (a WBENC women-owned business) creates a personalized, engaging, and inclusive workspace through intelligent technology solutions.


Solving needs for City employees …

With Enspire, the City integrates all benefits and wellness resources into a personalized app experience that demonstrates their value and appreciation of each employee. Employees now have one app that offers all communication, health, financial, and mental wellness resources, built to create a positive experience in work and life.

“By giving employees better access to what they need, your benefits drive a deeper value for your employees”, states Amanda Wiles, Enspire CEO. “Enspire Analytics Engine bring new insights into employee needs and helps you get the right information to the right person at the right time.”


Employees use app EVERY DAY…

Employees are using the app every day, and the City already achieved 55,000+ app interactions. Enspire Analytics demonstrate that Health Benefits are gaining more engagement than ever, consistently ranking in the top 5 highest used app experiences. Financial Benefits also achieve top interest from employees, emphasizing the growing demand for financial support from employers.


App Actions

Beyond interests in health and financial resources, the City also proved to solve employee needs with:

+ Mental Wellness initiatives

+ Digital Payroll calendar

+ Open Enrollment experiences

+ Retirement resources

+ Medical coverage

+ Telehealth

With a depth of expertise in US benefits, Enspire integrates all vendors and benefit programs to help keep employees actively engaged and improve benefit program utilization.


Improving Employee Retention…

Improving employee accessibility is essential to ensuring employee retention and success. Employees need to feel appreciated and respected, and The City’s emphasis on communication and transparency lets employees know they are a priority.

With Enspire, the City advances employee access to essential resources to provide great opportunities with a more motivated and creative workspace. The app continues to help the City keep its promise of opportunity and inclusion, making every employee feel valued and appreciated.


Ready to solve your employee needs? Let’s Enspire.

Enspire continues provide innovative solutions to outdated problems. Enspire technology streamlines recruiting, new hire onboarding, and integrates benefits and total rewards for career growth in a way that is proven to improve retention rates.

With Enspire, create personalized employee experiences and help employees complete required actions. With all necessary information provided in one digital hub, your employees will have access to everything they need for a successful work and life experience with your company.


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