Employee Spotlight, Rose!

Enspire features Rose Williams, Enspire Senior Digital Strategist for impressive results in employee app engagement! Rose demonstrates such light and passion for our clients that it is our honor to celebrate her success.


What are you most proud of in your work with Enspire?

With Enspire, we are able to humanize our technology to help our clients meet employee needs. We take projects and tasks that employees see as confusing or unmanageable and distill the content into actions that help employees bring those experiences to LIFE. I am proud to be able to serve and share my own talents with my clients.


What challenges do you see clients face that Enspire solves?

The challenge of staying connected and retaining employees, Enspire gives leaders a secure platform to reach out and unify the employee experience with your company brand and culture. I love that Enspire solves this challenge and seeing leaders of so many incredible companies being able to connect and share their vision for the future.

Let me share a few exciting examples of clients solving this challenge with Enspire:


+ Penske app gives employees world-class access …

Penske leadership demonstrated their commitment to excellence for Team Members by introducing PAG360 powered by Enspire. The PAG360 app integrates all Team Member resources into one digital hub for better access anytime, anywhere. During the app launch HR teams, led by Charles Sidner, SVP Penske Corporate Benefits, drove a strong strategic vision in offering all resources for My Self, My Health and My Wealth. Executive level support from Bud Denker, President of Penske Corporation emphasized this commitment for “all Team Members receive the same world-class service we provide to our customers.” The results are impressive as Team Members use the app every day with 5,900+ app downloads and over 766,000+ app engagements.


+ Energy Client app advances safety for pipeline workers….

When employees needed better access to safety out in the field, Enspire powered an Energy company’s employee app with CEO livestreams and app content to reach pipeline workers for safety alerts, updates and critical information out in the field. This connection with the CEO and safety updates are just a few of the many initiatives with that helped Enspire drive 35% increase in employee retention.


+ NexTier app powers acquisition hub to retain key talent….

Another great example of how Enspire helped leaders retain key talent is the recent success story where NexTier used their app as an acquisition hub for employee communication. I am so proud of NexTier leaders who identified employee needs during the acquisition and quickly offered app content and target messaging to improve employee access to key timelines, CEO messaging and critical updates. Keeping employees informed helped to retain thousands of employees throughout this important transition.

A common theme with these Enspire client experiences is that leadership demonstrated a commitment to connect with employees and their apps advanced communication in a way that solved employee needs.


If you’re looking for a way to connect with your employees – Enspire is it.


About Enspire

Enspire integrates everything employees need into one app as the digital hub to reconnect employees with your brand. Enspire provides a code-free platform, team of Digital Strategy experts and its Enspire Analytics Engine for Engagement Intelligence proven to advance employee engagement and productivity.


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