NexTier exceeds 1.2M actions and drives 2 enrollments in 1 app!

Enspire celebrates with NexTier in the successful launch of the NexTract app and recent acquisition of Alamo Pressure Pumping. Enspire and NexTier offer insights into how one app has created an accessible and navigable digital hub for all new and existing employees while also maintaining full communication.

NexTier is an oil and gas company that strives to deliver integrated, environmentally conscious US land completion services and power solutions that help their customers to safely and affordably unlock sources of energy. NexTier experienced a 41% growth to 4,400 employees after the recent acquisition, and Enspire supported NexTier to communicate with employees through the whole process.

Your employees have needs.
Enspire solves the need.

The open enrollment process continues to challenge companies year after year. There is a need for clear and concise communication with every employee. Enspire solves this need. With Enspire, the NexTract app integrates everything employees need into one digital hub. Enspire teams partnered with NexTier to provide more than 226 app experiences and integrated 25 third party vendors into a personalized app experience with the NexTier brand.

226 app experiences and 25 third party vendors and one digital hub.

There are so many questions your employees have during this season as they strive to understand benefits and make the best choices for their futures and family. “Enspire apps help you bridge the gap between what you need to communicate and what employees need to know” says Amanda Wiles, Enspire CEO.


Enspire apps prove to save HR thousands of calls during Open Enrollment season. We focus on the problems you expect to face during open enrollment and then build app content that directly answers the majority of employee questions such as:

  • “What is changing?”
  • “When do I enroll?”
  • “How do I enroll?”
  • “Where do I get started?”
  • “How do I login?”
  • “What are our benefits?”
  • “How will this affect my family?”
  • “What if I have a new baby?”

Even while facing the challenge after acquisition to combine two company cultures and two benefit rollouts, Enspire helped NexTier show employees that their health and safety remains a top priority. NexTier promises to take care of their people, and Enspire helps keep this promise.


Change Requires Communication

In a time of change, employee communication becomes critical to your company’s success. The Enspire team created the NexTract app to quickly deploy content and provide necessary communication. “Your brand is the most powerful platform to connect with your employees.” confirms Enspire CEO, Amanda Wiles. Analytics verify a 18.7% increase in employee retention for those employees who download the NexTract App. Retention rates affect not only company success, but it also directly impacts work environment. High retention rates create a space where employees are confident, motivated, and productive.

Per Josh Bersin at Deloitte, many studies show that the total cost of losing an employee can range up to 1.5-2X annual salary.


Increase in employee retention.

Enspire drives a direct impact with app experiences that prioritize employee retention. “Data confirms that personalized app experiences are essential to a successful employee retention formula.” Amidst NexTier’s 41% employee growth, the app became vital for employee communication. Personalized app experiences and target messaging ensured each employee received the right information at the right time. Real time analytics helped NexTier anticipate and stay ahead of employee needs. This is proven by the 21,673 app engagements during the annual enrollment process. With over 1.3 million interactions to date, NexTier employees are using the app every day.


“This app solved our communication struggles for us.” Within 10 minutes of the NexTract’s launch, 30% of the newly acquired Alamo employees download the app. App downloads bring transparency to which employee groups are engaged and identify which employee groups need action to drive engagement. Employees from every office division have downloaded and actively use the app.

With Enspire, NexTier has successfully managed two separate benefit rollouts from two separate entities all in one inclusive app — all while creating a space where employees are accepted, prioritized, and valued.

Cheers to the whole NexTier team for NexTract app success with Enspire!


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