Employee Spotlight, Paytn!

What are you most proud of in your work with Enspire?

I’m so proud that our work directly impacts employees at all levels within a company. One of my clients uses their app to focus on improving health literacy to help employees maximize their benefits. The result is improved benefit utilization, which in turn saves my client and their employees money. I’m proud that our work in your app reduces stress and confusion for your employees.


Where do you see Enspire solving the need?

Our clients need to connect with their employees and effective employee communication is a challenge for most organizations. Enspire provides our clients with a secure platform to directly communicate with employees and improve employee satisfaction. Employees need better access to everything employers offer for work, benefits and life resources. Enspire apps organize everything employees need all in one place. From benefits to holiday calendars to company news, your Enspire Platform solves employee needs and reconnects resources to the value of your employer brand and culture.


What exciting results do you see with Enspire Apps?

Enspire Analytics Engine gives us access to exciting results in real-time. I have a healthcare industry client with over 6.4 million interactions and 9,500 employees who actively use the app every day. The employees who download the app proved to have a 40% higher retention rate. These are impressive results and when you compare employee retention for employees who do not download the app to the employees who do download the app, the data is clear that Enspire is a critical part of a successful employee retention formula. It is also exciting to see that we saved HR teams over 6,733 calls and emails. With Enspire analytics, we can see which app experiences drive employee interest. It’s especially exciting when you see a significant jump in views for a page such as a wellness program or virtual counseling, because those resources are so important to employees once they discover what is available.


What do you see for the future?

In the future, I see Enspire growing. Especially as remote work becomes more commonplace, it’s going to be very important for companies to have a way to effectively communicate with their employees and give them access to the resources that they need, and Enspire meets that need perfectly.



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