Enspire Promotes Elier!

Congrats, Elier!!!

Every now and then you meet someone who makes the world a more beautiful place. Over the years with Enspire, Elier has proven impressive results for our clients and is adored by all. We are excited to promote Elier to lead our Enspire Digital Strategy teams into the future.


Proven Results.

Attraction and retention are challenges across many industries. Enspire is solving this challenge and Elier has proven results by creating employee app experiences and relationships that drive a deeper purpose. Elier’s expertise with our service industry clients proved a 43% higher retention rate for employees who download our client apps. This impact to retention gained attention and is astounding for this industry. When we ask his insights related to the success he is seeing with Enspire clients in this industry, Elier shared “The service industry is a diverse, fast-paced and ever-changing industry that requires emotional labor just as much as physical labor from your employees on any given day.”  How do you engage and empower your employees in your app? Access. Enspire provides every client with a dedicated Digital Strategist and in his Digital Strategy initiatives, Elier met with client executive teams enterprise-wide to identify and solve pain points their people experienced regularly throughout the work week. Elier was approachable to client teams providing expertise in how to use the Enspire Platform to build apps and use target push messaging in a way that solves employee needs. Now, our clients see their employees use the app experiences every single day because these app experiences solve real problems and help reconnect with employees with the right information at the right time.


Adored by all.

Our deeper purpose with Enspire is to “Inspire Everyone”. Elier represents the heart of our teams and how we care for our clients as people. We understand you are in your own journey and that your career is a reflection of what you are learning along the way. Elier brings a depth of heart to his work, his teams and his clients that we hope to grow during this time of exponential growth with Enspire.


Exciting times ahead.

Congratulations, Elier on your well deserved promotion. Thank you for your leadership, strength and heart for all you meet along the way.



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