This App Solved Our Communication Struggles for Us

Enspire celebrates with NexTier in the successful launch of the NexTract app and shares insights into how one app has improved access to everything employees need for benefits, communication, acquisition and more.

NexTier is an oil and gas company that strives to deliver integrated, environmentally conscious US land completion services and power solutions that help their customers to safely and affordably unlock sources of energy.

Enspire CEO, Amanda Wiles, recently sat down with Troy MacEachern, HR Director of Essential Services at NexTier, to discuss his experience with Enspire, launching the NexTract App, and how the app allowed for easy communication during their recent acquisition.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind about Enspire?

Troy: The partnership, creativity, and innovation that can be pulled off in the app! Enspire can create anything from a base idea. We give them the slightest amount of information and they always produce a quality result. Seeing the amount of innovation and creativity that can be used in the app has been exciting for us. Working with the Enspire team has made this a smooth transition and easy on our end.


This app solved our communication struggles for us


You already have over 903,412 interactions in your employee app, what app features drive the strongest value for your team?

Troy: Being able to communicate to the mass majority of our employees with the push of a button has been unbelievable!

We have 3 employee population groups. We struggled communicating with everybody. This app solved our communication struggles for us. Using push messages, now we can reach the majority of our employees with just the push of a button. This app solved our communication struggles especially since we launched in the middle of COVID.


Congratulations on the recent Acquisition! Would you like to share how your app helped you communicate with employees during the acquisition?

Troy: The app allowed us to have one place for our Acquisition information, videos and all content for consumption where all employees could see it.

In a previous merger, we lacked a focal point. This app solved for that and gave us one place to share all acquisition information with our employees. We were also able to give a red carpet treatment to welcome the new teams to NexTier, we were really looking forward to creating this experience. We had over 30% of the acquired organization download the app within minutes of the first push going out.


What do your employees value most about their app?

Troy: Overall, the app gets everybody involved; it is not just an HR tool. It is the company’s tool.

We were able to launch a number of contests when we were first launching, we were able to roll out our benefits enrollment contest, Dayforce contest and sales contests. Being able to not only push out news but also provide different types of news all in one source. Employees liked that we took their suggestions and modified the content. It’s not just normal corporate news, we get to have some fun and engage with our employees.

Amanda: Yes, you can have fun and be more direct. Instead of a long email that an employee may or may not read, you can send content that employees quickly understand and can take action to move forward.


What do your executives value most about your employee app?

Troy: Managing the geographic distribution of our employees and sending out reliable communication is a big thing. Executives also value the cross functional partnering that we are now doing for better communication – partnering with Safety, our IT department. This allows them to send valuable information faster and to more people at one time. Now that the app is largely successful…the true long term spirit is to get everyone involved.


A huge time saver for productivity


Implementation – can you share your Enspire implementation experience?

Troy: My first introduction to the app was near the beginning when our benefits broker introduced us to Enspire as a technology that could solve problems in relation to communicating open enrollment to employees, the HR leadership team immediately saw the potential in it. I got excited about the potential of Enspire even early on. When we think of the amount of money we spent on paper mail that ended up in the trash in previous years, it is exciting to discover Enspire as a solution.

I thought it was going to be a large volume of effort, but implementation with Enspire is so much easier than I ever thought it could be. Enspire teams take our content, design and launch it. Enspire is very user friendly and time efficient.

During implementation, the first experience was setting up our app to include all benefits in phase one. Immediately following that we integrated 36 different systems that we had in the HR department and replaced it with day force which reduced everything down to one system of record. We were able to use Enspire to launch our Dayforce HCM system. And since Enspire can schedule push notifications and app content in advance, we were able to prepare a quarter of content and messages to be ready to go. The app very quickly fit into our employee experience.


What are you most excited to solve next with your Enspire app?

Troy: One of the problems that we are working to solve over the next month is that for the past year, we’ve had a physical paper COVID questionnaire that is just amassing a bunch of paper to answer a few questions. With Enspire, being able to solve this issue and provide a visual que and complete these questionnaires in a high frequency manner will be a huge time saver for us in productivity. Also our health and safety department has seen how we use the app for our HR Survey question of the week and they are eager to launch an health and safety equivalent in the app. We are excited to see how we can not only use the app as an HR tool, but as a day to day app for all employees. We want to continue to get everyone involved and this app is a great way to do it.


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