Enspire Interviews Ben Bartoszek, HRIS Manager of Signature HealthCARE

Enspire celebrates with Signature HealthCARE in the successful launch of the SigEE app which achieved 614,027+ app engagements in the first 5 months. Signature HealthCARE is a long-term care company in the healthcare industry that has impacted over 100,000 lives. Signature HealthCARE employs 12,674+ stakeholders in more than 108 locations in 10 states and is known for its positive leadership culture that deeply values employees as true stakeholders.


Enspire CEO, Amanda Wiles, recently interviewed Ben Bartoszek, HRIS Manager for Signature HealthCARE, about his experience with Enspire and launching the SigEE App for Signature HealthCARE stakeholders.




What is the first thing that comes to your mind about Enspire?

Ben: Nobody beats the Enspire UX Design team! The biggest take away is how easy it is to set up the app and how flawless the designs are. Everything that goes into an Enspire app design is perfectly polished. We don’t always have time to send beautiful graphics, but we can hand Enspire anything that we have and they create beautiful designs. We can send Enspire anything, in any form, and their team creates an easy to understand app design that is flawless.


What app features drive the strongest value for your stakeholders?

Ben: The strongest value is that everything stakeholders need is in one place. People often lose track of, or misplace their benefit packets and enrollment information. Having all resources in one app makes benefit information accessible and easy to read. Stakeholders now have everything they need, right in the palm of their hand.


What do your executive teams value most about the app?

Ben: A priority for Signature leadership is to be able to connect with our stakeholders. Some of our stakeholders do not have access to email so being able to connect with those stakeholders is so important to our team. Thanks to the app, we can reach a much larger audience and we are able to access everyone who downloads the app, which is a much larger group than what we were originally able to reach. And now we can send push messages, share livestream links, and host videos of our CEO, Joe Steier sharing his Company Updates all in the app. Even Joe downloaded the app!


Can you share Feedback or Tips for App Implementation with Enspire?

Ben: Do not worry about time, it’s not going to take as much time as you think. Integrations are usually a pain and are time consuming. I’ve worked on time and attendance implementations, scheduling implementations and applicant tracking system implementations and Enspire has been one of the easiest implementation from start to end.

For anyone who is thinking of working with Enspire, implementation is hands off and done with ease. It’s really not as intense as you might think. Also, I would advise to send the most information you can to Enspire and they will make it work! Make sure to include all of your departments and have an interdepartmental group. This app can handle constant new content in the app. Don’t be shy to send over more information than what you think Enspire needs. Enspire will sort through it all and make your app a great experience!


Enspire congratulates Ben and the whole Signature HealthCARE team on the successful launch of the SigEE App for stakeholders. Our Enspire team will be here for you as you work to stay connected and give stakeholders better access to everything!


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