EHIR Awards Enspire 2021 Traction Award

Enspire is honored to receive the EHIR Traction Award with the greatest interest from employers during EHIR Spring 2021 Roundtables. Thank you to ChampionX for sponsoring Enspire and congratulations on shared ChampionX App success for employee engagement.

“Our ChampionX App built in the Enspire Platform integrates all of the information our employees, spouses and partners need for benefits, safety, leadership updates and more. Technology With Impact is a fundamental element of ChampionX’s culture, and with our app we can structure the experience to be a digital hub that advances beyond listing information to solving problems.” – Luke Prettol, Health and Wellbeing Benefits Manager at ChampionX

“Enspire teams commend ChampionX for achieving the full potential of your app and integrating everything employees need into one digital hub including Safety, Benefits, Payroll, CEO messaging, Acquisition updates, COVID resources and more” – says Amanda Wiles, CEO and Founder of Enspire.

Enspire designs app experiences that drive results and give employees better access to needed resources. During the EHIR presentation, ChampionX shared how their app with Enspire integrated over 40+ resources in one app. ChampionX also shared how the app was used to provide better access to resources during the recent acquisition and introduced the new ChampionX brand and employee experience. “Well done ChampionX teams and thank you for your partnership Sarah Fletcher, Clay Kerecman, John Breed, Matt Welnack, and our Enspire team behind the scenes.” This award is a great milestone – congratulations!

About Enspire

Enspire integrates everything employees need into one app as the digital hub to reconnect employees with your brand. Enspire provides a code-free platform, team of Digital Strategy experts and its Enspire Analytics Engine for Engagement Intelligence proven to advance employee engagement and productivity.


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