Enspire Drives $2M+ Savings for School District with Surgery Center of Excellence

Enspire employee apps aligns employer priorities with initiatives that drive engagement and value from the employee perspective. A large employer with 12,000 employees set a priority to reduce healthcare costs while still desiring to improve how employees perceive company benefits as part of the overall culture. The employer launched a Surgery Center of Excellence (COE) initiative with bundled case rates. Surgery bundled rates could save 20-40% on surgical procedures while giving employees better access to quality care and significant medical savings. Based on claims history 60% of planned medical procedures were occurring in summer and fall. The challenge for this COE initiative was that success was dependent on employee engagement before surgery claims would occur and employees did not know the program existed.



“Enspire Engagement Intelligence identifies employee behavior trends and questions of the past to help you get ahead of employee needs for the future.”Amanda Wiles, Enspire CEO.

Enspire solved this engagement challenge with its Enspire Platform technology that integrates everything employees need into one app. Enspire also provided a dedicated Enspire Digital Strategy team focused on app design and campaigns for a full turn-key digital solution. By evaluating medical trends and current employee behavior, Enspire Digital Strategy teams provided a multi-year engagement roadmap to directly impact key member touch points, core messaging and app experiences. Enspire successfully increased utilization of the Surgery Centers of Excellence by more than 80% and reduced healthcare costs by driving $2 million in surgery savings.


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Enspire is a private employee communication platform that integrates all employee communication into one app custom built to your brand. Enspire provides a code-free platform, team of Digital Strategy experts and its Enspire Analytics Engine for Engagement Intelligence proven to advance employee engagement and productivity.

Enspire turns data insights into action. Enspire apps drive action and Enspire Engagement Intelligence provides real-time analytics for insights into behavior even before medical claims occur. We advance app experiences and target app campaigns in a way that aligns employee needs with priority actions.


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