5 Employee Needs Your App Will Solve

Enspire connects your business priorities with employee communication. Creating app experiences that allow your employees to stay connected where and when they need you most is our mission. Enspire is the originator of Engagement Intelligence and uses our Analytics Engine to understand employee needs and optimize your digital strategy.

Enspire’s App Analytics Engine identifies 5 Employee Needs Your App Will Solve during this season:

  1. Leadership Vision – as employees work to get back on their feet there is an increasing need for leadership to share your vision for the future. CEO live-streaming and videos can now reach each employee within the same employee app with Enspire.
  2. Paychecks & Financial Resources – improve access to tax information and paychecks with integrated payroll features and alerts. Clients are also seeing app success with new programs around Financial Coaching, CareFunds, and budgeting tool app integrations as employees work to understand budgets for financial recovery this season.
  3. Time Schedules – reduce stress by helping employees view work schedules and easily make changes.
  4. Health Benefits – give better access to Health Benefits with Enspire’s proprietary digital health technology. Enspire integrates all employee health programs for Medical, Wellness and Voluntary Benefits into user experiences proven to increase enrollment, reduce healthcare costs and improve utilization. Integrate your Telehealth, Surgery Options, Ways to Avoid Emergency Room, Pharmacy Cost Savers, Critical Illness Offerings, Wellness campaigns and more. Give your employees one app to access all benefit initiatives available this year.
  5. Mental Wellness – Child care and adult care resources are hot topics as employee remote work demands a new work/life balance. App integrations empower employers to directly communicate available resources with mental wellness app campaigns and personalized app experiences.

If you are disconnected with your employees in any of these areas, contact Enspire.

Let’s pull all employee experiences together into ONE app and give employees better access to everything.



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About Enspire: Enspire digital workforce platforms integrate all employee communication into one app custom built to your brand. Enspire provides a code-free platform, team of experts and its Enspire Analytics Engine proven to advance employee engagement and productivity.


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