Employee App Success for Winter Storm Crisis

Did you have a way to communicate with employees during the Winter Storm? When 3 million households lost power in Texas, employees charged their smartphones in their cars to stay connected.

Enspire employee apps connected businesses with employees for crisis response during the storm. “To reduce risk, improve safety and stay connected businesses need to communicate with employees where they are – on their smartphones” confirms Amanda Wiles, Enspire CEO. Enspire clients stay connected with target push alerts and personalized app experiences on every smartphone.

A large Texas School District achieved 885,000+ app engagements with their Enspire built app and reached over 12,000 staff during the storm with critical updates including:

+ Real-time Campus closure alerts

+ Superintendent messages

+ Target app experiences

+ Employee Surveys to identify when it was safe to open each campus.

Thank you for the quick turnaround on all of the district updates with the storm and for getting all of our pushes out.” – Director of Benefits & Wellness, Talent Experience

3 Tips for Employee Apps and Crisis Response::

  1. Before the Storm – Reduce risk for equipment with target push alerts; activate safety protocol; plan for office closures; set up helplines and offer available resources.
  2. During the Storm – Only smartphones were available. Employee apps provided real-time alerts to keep employees informed of office closures, status updates, emergency helplines, CEO livestreams and at home Telehealth access to doctors and EAP helplines for family resources.
  3. After the Storm – Employee surveys are activated to identify when it is safe to return to work; target push alerts available by location; app integrates financial resources and helplines to help employees recover at home; return to work protocols are activated with Click to Action features.

All of this and more is possible in your employee app powered by Enspire. Your code-free Enspire Platform offers a private place to communicate with employees and removes the barriers to reach out. Since our platform does not require you to know code, you no longer need to be a developer and can easily send employee messages and update app content.

With Enspire, your digital strategy is a powerful employee communication solution.

Don’t wait until the next emergency – activate your employee app and be ready to respond with Enspire.

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About Enspire:

Enspire digital workforce platforms integrate all employee communication into one app custom built to your brand. Enspire provides a code-free platform, team of experts and its Enspire Analytics Engine proven to advance employee engagement and productivity.

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