Enspire E-Wallet

All employees receive new ID cards as 2021 benefits launch into a new year. Are you getting calls from employees who did not receive their ID card?

Enspire apps integrate all ID cards and EVERYTHING employees need into ONE app!

Gone are the days where you show up to your doctor visit but forgot your ID card. Never again will you show up to the pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions but get delayed because you left your ID card at home. We’ve heard the painful stories and Enspire E-Wallet is here for you.

How Enspire E-Wallet drives impact:

  1. ID cards are in ONE place
  2. BETTER ACCESS impacts utilization
  3. HR receives FEWER CALLS
  4. Employees LOVE IT

Enspire E-Wallet is one of many incredible features that help you solve critical business needs with a positive impact for employee work and life. Enspire’s code-free platform makes it easy for you to add content, send employee messages, and monitor results.

Enspire team and tech continues to give employees better access to your benefit programs, safety initiatives, leadership communication, corporate communications and more.

Contact Us: We look forward to hearing from you, contact Enspire at myapp@enspire.me or learn more at https://enspire.com.


About Enspire:Enspire digital workforce platforms integrate all employee communication into one app custom built to your brand. Enspire provides a code-free platform, team of experts and its Enspire Analytics Engine proven to advance employee engagement and productivity.

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