Winter is Coming. Do Employees Know Their Options?

Winter is Coming. Do Employees Know Their Options?

During this season, when HR teams are focused on Open Enrollment, it is easy to forget that your employees are in one of the highest months of utilization for your benefit programs. Do your employees understand their benefit options?

Enspire is the originator of Engagement Intelligence and our apps are built to align employee needs with your business priorities. This fall, we expect to see high utilization for planned procedures and high demand from employees for needed medical resources.

Keep in mind that planned medical procedures have been on hold this year – until now. In a typical year, 60% of planned medical procedures occur in the summer (when employees have family to take care of them) and fall (before deductibles start over). During this pandemic the majority of planned procedures are delayed to these last three months which are creating an unprecedented rush on surgeons and medical providers for planned procedures.

How can you help your employees know their options?
How can you get ahead of the financial impact of medical utilization?

Enspire moves quickly to provide Intelligent Employee Communication. Remove barriers to your benefit programs and make it easy for employees to take action. Our code-free platform makes it easy for you to provide personalized content, clear actions and send target push campaigns to give employees the right information at the right time.

Encourage employees to plan procedures with your in-network providers and surgery benefit options. Intelligent Communication is key to help your employees understand available options and gain access to needed care.

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