COVID-19 Recovery & Employee Communication

COVID-19 Recovery & Employee Communication

As employees transition to onsite locations employee communication is critical for COVID-19 Recovery. The Enspire Platform solves this challenge to meet your employee needs in one custom built app that emphasizes your own brand.

“We see that employees and employers are overwhelmed with changing protocols during COVID-19 Recovery and we are ready to help you communicate your message” says Amanda Wiles, CEO of Enspire.

Enspire provides one App that will give staff an easier way to access everything they need to come back to work. This one App can do it all: provide local office updates, notify employees when it is time to come back to work, provide a symptom checker tool that protects privacy, give access to all pay and benefit needs, send alerts when safety protocols are changing and even provide a direct line to call a doctor if you have COVID-19 symptoms. “Each app experience is personalized to your employee needs and aligns with business strategic initiatives.” Amanda confirms.

As we embark on this journey together, Enspire looks forward to helping you reduce risk and create a safe work environment for everyone.


About Enspire:
Enspire digital workforce platforms integrate all employee communication into one app custom built to your brand. Enspire provides a code-free platform, team of experts and its Enspire Analytics Engine proven to advance employee engagement and productivity.

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