COVID19 Employee Communication for Healthcare First Responders

COVID19 Employee Communication for Healthcare First Responders

Enspire Apps are critical for employee communication as our healthcare industry clients face the reality of COVID19 first-responder employee needs.

To respond to this need, Enspire Apps and our Enspire teams offer a centralized digital hub that integrates all employee communication into one app that gives employees better access to real-time updates and resources.

Enspire: 3 Employee Communication Tips When Responding to COVID19

+ CEO videos and app target push notifications work:

CEOs work to build trust and stronger employee culture during difficult seasons. CEOs are using videos and target push communications in Enspire built apps to reach affected teams and reach all employees to set a tone of moving forward together. Over 90% of employees keep notifications turned on and CEO’s are able to reach more employees with their Enspire built apps than ever before.

+ Employees respond to ‘better access’:

Employees are responding well to Enspire built apps that integrate all employee resources and communication into ONE APP. Providing a simple and clear communication point is critical for employees to receive information quickly. Enspire Analytics Engine provides real time data for content and messaging that works for your employees. Data shows that employees are responding to apps for better access to EAP counselors for family stress, onsite contacts for questions, telehealth for medical resources and local next steps.

+ Empower Supervisors with Immediate Response:

Enspire Platforms are code-free and you can immediately communicate with your Supervisors to provide consistent talking points and clear direction toward available employee resources at a local level. Supervisors that have our employee apps are reporting reduced stress and increased confidence. Supervisor updates, leadership next steps and timelines are communicated in the app in advance of events, resulting in a more confident supervisor and stronger employee culture.

About Enspire:
Enspire digital workforce platforms integrate all employee communication into one app custom built to your brand. Enspire provides a code-free platform, team of experts and its Enspire Analytics Engine proven to advance employee engagement and productivity.

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