Top 3 Employee Benefits HR Communicates to Help Employees at Home

Top 3 Employee Benefits HR Communicates to Help Employees at Home

“We are seeing HR teams rise to the challenge to ensure employees have better access and communication around benefits in response to Coronavirus. With target push notifications and COVID-19 app experiences, employer benefits drive impact for mental and physical well being during this time” says Amanda Wiles, Enspire CEO.

Enspire is a customized digital platform that integrates all employee resources into one app and helps employers reconnect employee communication within their employer brand.

As a code-free digital solution, Enspire gave employers COVID-19 app resources within 24 hours for leadership response, remote work updates and HR for employee benefits. With Enspire, employers can reach employees real time as events occur and easily reach their remote workforce.

Beyond all workforce (and remote workforce) resources, Enspire’s code-free platform makes it easy for HR to integrate employee benefits as a critical resources during Coronavirus employee communication initiatives.

Top 3 Employee Benefits Employers are Communicating to Help Employees during Coronavirus:

1  Telehealth: Enspire activates target push notifications to ensure employees at home can click and call a doctor 24/7 from the safety of home while also accessing telehealth benefit coverage options. According to one telehealth carrier, over 100,000 calls were received in one week. “We expect employee communication around telehealth offerings to continue to grow as employers respond to Coronavirus and also expect this positive utilization trend to continue to grow for the longterm” Amanda confirms. This positive trend toward Telehealth is a win for both employers and employees – employees gain better access to health care 24/7 and employers with self-funded medical plans improve access to care with significant savings compared to past trends toward over utilization of the Emergency Room.

2  Prescription Home Delivery: Many pharmacy networks are offering free home delivery for prescriptions. Enspire helped employers quickly integrate this new benefit into their apps, including bringing existing information into the forefront of new COVID-19 pages. “We saw an immediate rise in number of prescription app engagements from clients across the board beginning March 15th, with a major spike the week of March 23rd,” confirms Stephanie Sorensen Tison, Enspire COO. The Enspire Platform powers live updates to app content to your employees. Content can be added and live to your employees within minutes.

3  Mental Wellbeing and Employee Assistance Programs: There is a growing emphasis on mental wellbeing and employers offers unique benefits for various mental wellness initiatives from health coaching to financial advisors, from family stress councilors to meditation videos. Enspire’s platform makes it easy for employers to integrate all mental wellness initiatives into one app resource for employees to easily navigate available options. “We are see employers provide access to mental health services through the use of teletherapy and free helplines to assist employees in coping with stress and anxiety during this time,” confirms Stacy McCallie, Enspire Senior Creative Director”

Your employee benefits can be a powerful resource for employees during this time.

If you don’t have time? Enspire is here to build it for you.

Enspire gives you full access to our code-free platform and gives you a dedicated team of industry experienced designers to do the work for you. Your Enspire Platform can hold all resources, send target push notifications to your remote workforce and organize leadership updates to help have the information they need, when they need it.

Employee Communication has one clear answer … Enspire.