HRTech Outlook Features Enspire as Cover Story

Impact Productivity by Empowering Employees!

Enspire is honored to have been selected as the feature story on employee engagement in HR Tech Outlook this month. Enspire leads the nation in mobile-first employee communication as a highly-customized, digital platform that integrates all resources into one app and reconnects your employee experience to your employer brand.

“We use this app with all of our employees. It’s an important means of communication for benefits and safety initiatives and to spread news and updates to targeted groups or company-wide. It’s a tool we use for everything.” Cyndy Stone, Vice President of Integration and Communication at PatientCare.

Enspire Apps have played an integral role communicating to employees right now during the COVID-19 crisis. Using Enspire’s targeted push notifications, employers are able to send alerts to select offices where remote working is an option. Enspire enables employers to provide one centralized resource that integrates everything: telehealth, prescription home delivery, mental wellness, and EAP resources alongside important leadership updates.

“Enspire advances beyond listing information to solving problems.” Luke Prettol, Health and Wellbeing Benefits Manager at Apergy

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