School Districts Partner with Enspire to Give Staff Better Access to Resources

School Districts Partner with Enspire to Give Staff Better Access to Resources

“School Districts are faced with growing demand to give staff better access to resources” Amanda Wiles, CEO Enspire. Enspire is a women-owned technology company that actively engages over 2,000 school districts in custom mobile experiences for their staff and we are seeing exciting results. Hot topics in 2020 benefits focus on advancing access to Telemedicine, Employee Assistance Programs, Wellness initiatives and helping staff more easily navigate benefit options. We also see an increasing interest around safety initiatives and mental wellbeing.

Fierce competition for talent in this industry makes communication for a positive work environment more important now than ever before. Enspire understands the trends in engagement behavior and the seasons that matter to your staff.

According to District Benefits Coordinator, Rachel Robinson “Enspire is an innovative product that allows you to connect with employees on different levels spanning multiple classes from age, positions, education and so much more. I have been working with the Enspire team for the last couple of years and am excited to continue to see their innovative strategies and work still to come”.

Enspire Senior Creative Director, Stacy McCallie, joined our Enspire team with over 15 years of experience in education. We asked Stacy to share her personal perspective on the impact of the digital solutions Enspire offers. “I understand that our teachers face days of nonstop chaos – lesson preparation for multiple subjects, tutoring, grading, data collection, paperwork, meetings, conferences, professional development, and let’s not forget teaching and taking care of students. I was notorious for starting my day with a warm cup of coffee on my desk only to find it still sitting there cold at the end of the day. I loved my students and often spent so much time taking care of them that I didn’t take care of myself or utilize all of the benefits and resources available to me.”

Enspire partners with district HR teams to align priorities with the needs of their staff. When one district’s priority was to improve access to mental wellbeing initiatives, Enspire designed easy click-to-call features with custom content that helped staff easily navigate to mental wellness providers offered through the employee benefit program. According to their mental wellness provider, this district received the best call volume in the state that year! Over two years Enspire helped this district to drive over 165,000 engagements with positive feedback from staff for health and wellness initiatives.

The positive feedback from our clients and their staff has been the best result of all.

Stacy continues “Enspire is THE digital solution for educators, giving ease of access to personalized benefits, contacts, district news, new hire processes, mental health resources, and wellness initiatives. No more searching for information in multiple locations. It’s everything a teacher needs to take care of themselves, in one place.” Stacy McCallie, Sr. Creative Director