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Oil & Gas Industry Engagement

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Oil & Gas Industry Engagement

My initial experience in working with Enspire was on the client side. I worked in marketing at a company in the oil and gas industry who is a national leader in EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction). The oil and gas industry carries strong support from employees and their families as a whole community. It is a highly competitive industry with a wide range of opportunities across professions and a strong focus on Safety. Working and living in this community, it was my experience that a vast majority of employees work very hard and are devoted to their job for the benefit of providing for their families. However, many employees did not know what other benefits and appreciation were available from the company and had difficulty navigating safety resources. I experienced successful employee relations and internal marketing campaigns which united employees and strengthened company culture. I also experienced moments when company culture suffered in a gap of communication between administration and trade professions. Administration was always seeking to provide full support of the trade and craft sector. But regardless of all the company had to offer, there was still a need for improvement in communication and measurable results.

The Enspire app project was focused on connecting all employees to company communication and culture and providing measurable results. It was a key tool in reaching and engaging the trade/craft section of the company. On the client side, this was my favorite and most successful project. The Enspire team focused on building the app in a way that drives impact and in phases that met our organizational goals. The results far exceeded our company expectations and became a key resource for our employees. Later in life, I relocated and was excited to join the Enspire team. With Enspire, I continue working on the app for the EPC company and enjoy the depth of understanding of employee needs for safety, benefits and communication. Enspire is a unique team. We are not only focused on developing a creative app, we truly care about the impact to employee experiences for our clients. That is the most exciting part of working with Enspire, seeing the measurable results of a company’s app to drive productivity, provide a relevant tool to give employees better access to needed resources and improve the overall work experience for employees.

Beatriz Urias, Sr. UX Designer