Case Study – PatientCare Advances Employee Engagement

Case Study – PatientCare Advances Employee Engagement

The PatientCare App advances safety and compliance for all staff to ensure PatientCare Logistics teams are the leaders of ground-based 911 emergency ambulance and other critical healthcare logistics solutions. By partnering with Enspire and their digital communication platform, PatientCare launched a custom app in May 2017 with exceptional results for Safety, Compliance, Employee Benefits and much needed resources for PatientCare teams.

“Our workforce uses their mobile devices so it makes sense to capitalize on this communication platform. It truly gives them access to most of what they need from a work perspective at their fingertips.” Cyndy Stone, Corporate Director of Communication

Enspire engagement experts integrated all employee resources into one app and partnered with executive teams to actively engage employees through relevant app content and targeted push notifications.

“While industry norms for app downloads struggle to reach 3% download rates, Enspire partnered with PatientCare to achieve impressive success nationwide with over 76% of PatientCare employees downloading the app.” Amanda Wiles, CEO Enspire

By 2019, the PatientCare App proved to be the preferred recurring communication resource for employees with over 88,000 engagements.