HR Advances with Enspire

Three years ago, I left a toxic job within the HR and Benefits world because my hands were tied to where I was unable to help my employees. By grace, I found Enspire. Throughout the years, I’ve been involved in implementing mobile engagement strategies with our new clients and one theme throughout all clients is a concern and focus on employee physical and mental health. I’m impressed that, amidst growing pressure for companies to find funding to follow increasing taxes and Affordable Care Act guidelines, Benefits and HR Teams are finding a way to make magic happen for their employees. Each year they’ve found a bigger, better way to take care of their employees and provide needed tools to be successful within and outside of work. What I’m proud of is that Enspire is part of this shift. Our apps are bringing company heart and resources to employees where undoubtedly all of us are only inches away from right now – our phone. (If only I had this app at my previous job!)

As our Enspire team gears up to help our clients transition from open enrollment to holiday employee engagement campaigns, I can say I’m happy at my job. I’m finally helping, and inspiring, employees.

– Stephanie Sorensen, COO

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