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Employers Engage with Gratitude

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Employers Engage with Gratitude

We are seeing employers make great effort to connect with employees in 2019 engagement strategies and pleased to see the number of initiatives focused on gratitude this season. This effort is a strong step forward to understand the full impact of work related to mental wellness and vice versa. For over twenty years, I’ve seen mental wellness move from a topic that was ignored and often feared in the workplace, to a topic that US employers are now brave enough to address and encourage leadership to reconnect with employees in an authentic way. Enspire partners with C-suite, leadership and HR teams to communicate and connect in a way that is relevant to employees. We see incredible engagement results in mobile experiences that embrace team culture and emphasize moments of gratitude in the workplace. During this season, we encourage you to share moments of gratitude with your teams. Why should work be something that disconnects the human experience? Let’s reconnect, Enspire.