Enspire… to Inspire Everyone

Enspire… to Inspire Everyone

Enspire means to Inspire Everyone. It began with a vision to create an inspiring place for high performers to thrive and build a work environment where PEOPLE MATTER. A place where it is not only the passion for our clients and product advancements but also the passion for the impact in the lives of the PEOPLE we impact along the way that make our difference in this world. I documented this vision years ago…

“I’ve seen so many businesses have passion for the product and clients but treat their own people like slaves, a means to an end. This is not acceptable to me. With renewed passion, it is my calling to create God space in the business world to show that business can be done in integrity inside and out. With Enspire may we all shine a light so bright that everyone looks to see what it’s all about. May we start a movement toward a new way of creating in this world.”

After 20 years of launching many companies and working with some of the largest US employers, I’ve seen what the wrong investor, manager or leadership can do to a high performing workforce. I’ve seen many growth strategies derailed with a short-sited investor, many passionate teams and lives taken advantage of all for the sake of making a quick dollar and some talented market advancements stifled in lateral distraction to forward progress.  I’ve studied employee attraction and retention on a global scale and cannot emphasize enough the accountability of the leader. When an investor drives focus on the dollar at the expense of internal teams, people suffer. This suffering expands to reduced productivity and then client success suffers. When client success suffers company growth is limited and then the dollar is impacted. This starts the whole toxic cycle over again.

With Enspire, our priority is our people as well as the people we impact with our clients and partners. This fundamentally shifts the way business is conducted, we address the person first. Our teams are strong, supported and inspired which leads to client relationships that are stronger, innovative and trusting. This results in clients who can trust our teams, feel supported and this drives our success with client referrals and exponential growth.   It all starts by caring about people.

What is it that inspires you?

I believe that when we are inspired, we are in-spirit. When we are in-spirit we create beyond time, space or anything this world can imagine.

What if you were able to work at your fully inspired state?

What holds you down and stifles your progress? We’ve proven that inspired talent can create beyond what the typical business teams can imagine. The right people move to our Enspire teams beyond logical explanation, and with the talent of this team we’ve moved faster and stronger than most companies who spend millions and years more to accomplish.

How did we structure Enspire?

A common mistake in the technology industry is to give away too much ownership too fast to investors. This toxic cycle only worsens when a company needs to invest to expand and scale.  At Enspire, to protect our early teams and people internally, we chose NOT to bring in an any investors. With years of relationships with some of the nation’s top leading innovators, and by building partnerships in integrity – we’ve grown revenue and teams 4x each year and continue to see exponential growth.    To bring love even into this part of the planning and building process, it is important to pray for guidance and be willing to see incredible results. It has not been an easy path but it has been a deeply purposeful path.  Years later, Enspire is still free of debt and free of investors beyond what I could have imagined.

And beyond that, this freedom continues to create a significant draw for some of the world’s top talent.

If you have read this article all the way to this moment – I look forward to hearing from you.

Let’s build Enspire together, let’s inspire everyone.